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What's up !!

On july 2 2011,
release 2.8 has just been delivered, even if nobody is now waiting for it ;-)
I believe this will be the last release for Palm OS.

As I just got a brand new Samsung Galaxy S Wifi,
I will now continue development for Android.




Download the last qualified version

CaPriCe for Palm OS
Sources under GPL
version 2.8 on June 28, 2011

List of software presenting issues


ARM processor
Palm OS 5.2 or higher
Color screen
Double density display (320x320)


This software is provided as is.
Its behaviour has been checked on my palm T|X handheld
but any incompatibilites on other devices with other software
may involve crashes. A hard reset is always possible !!
In order to prevent data loss, I advise you to save and store all your data
before trying this emulator.

Installation procedure

To install it, just download the compressed file from this page, extract the PRC
file then install it using usual way.



In 1985, the CPC 464 has been my first computer (thanks mom!!)

What really good memories during four years before changing
for a brand new but less funny machine, the PC 1640.

The desire to develop software for my handheld and the
possibilities offered by actual palms lead me to write a CPC emulator.

The Palm OS developers community from
Patrick Vuichard from newsgroup fr.comp.sys.palm-pilot
and Régis Nicolas, author of
allow me to make concrete this project.

A great thanks to the active CPC community, especially for
Kukulcan, Demoniak
and Grim, for their advices and their
experience they didn't hesitate to share.

The idea was to port the excellent CPC emulator written
by Ulrich Doewich, CaPriCe32, which
sources are available here:



Here is a preview of CaPriCe for Palm OS.

Prior to being available for download, CaPrice behaviour has been
checked on my Palm T|X handheld.
You have to know that CaPriCe is my first software under Palm OS.
Not mastering such an environment yet, several bugs and
compatibility issues may occur.

CPC 464
CPC 664
CPC 6128
Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Users have notified me that CaPriCe
works well on the following devices:

Palm Tungsten C
Palm Tungsten E
Palm Tungsten E2
Palm Tungsten T3
Palm Tungsten T5
Palm T|X
Palm Centro



Around this emulator...

To be able to fully use this emulator, following links allow you to
go back to the CPC universe and retreive all your favourite
programs. (Some of those may be in french)

The Amstrad CPC Games Resource
CPC Games Reviews

Please find hereafter CPC User manuals I have found
over the internet (PDF format)

CPC 664 User Instructions (7 Mb)



(% of a genuine CPC)
following speeds have been measured using my own setting.


CaPriCe v2.8, CPC 6128, 320x232 color screen
Realistic, Reset



Known issues...
Following software present compatibily issues and
do not run correctly, though not involving palm reset.


Please send me all defective disk images.



Before delivering this version, following tests has been passed
with my T|X Palm using CPC464 + 64Ko mode:

Play "Sorcery".

Launch "SRAM 1" until intoduction.

Play "Zombi" and go downstairs to first floor.

Play "Decathlon" and run first event
using " Decathlon" mode.

Launch "Star Glider" until main menu.

Play "Arkanoïd 1" in Fullscreen.

Run "DK'Tronics Bank Switch software"
to detect 64Ko extension memory.

Launch "Sapiens" to ear soundtrack without cracking.

Launch "Discology 2.0" to check antialiased mode 2 display.

Play "Operation Wolf" (Magnum Light Phaser version).

Play "Mike Gunner".

Play whole "Orion Prime" introduction.
Change room while playing.

Launch "West Phaser", calibrate lightgun and select sheriff.

Load and use "AMS Art" to draw beautiful painting.

These tests had revealed issues with previous releases.


Version 2.8 on 28/06/2011
- French AZERTY 464 and 6128 keyboards;
- 664 Keyboard display fix;
- Minor bugs fixes.

Version 2.7 on 07/05/2010
- AMX Mouse simulation;
- West Phaser lightgun simulation fixed;
- Z80 simulation fixes;
- CPC simulation optimizations;
- Minor bugs fixes.

Version 2.6 on 03/18/2010
- New DIA and landscape mode management;
- Minor bugs fixes.

Version 2.5 on 12/27/2009
- CPC screen display only in landscape mode;
- Adapted for Orion Prime;
- Non completed West Phaser simulation;
- Session file deletion;
- Remove "Delete Disk..." menu;
- Minor bugs fixes.

Version 2.4 on 07/19/2009
- Add Gunstick simulation;
- Add Magnum Light Phaser simulation;
- Fix Sessions Save/Restore issue;
- Minor bugs fixes.

Version 2.3.1 on 04/13/2009
- Fix crashes when loading sessions.

Version 2.3 on 03/19/2009
- Sound volume adjust using 5-way rocker;
- Virtual key press highlight;
- Palm hardware keys to simulate any CPC keys;
- Autostart when disk loaded;
- Keycodes display;
- Minor bugs fixes.

Version 2.2 on 11/28/2008
- Antialiased mode 2 display;
- Automatic disk image loading from explorer;
- Add emulation rendering levels;
- Color and monochrome screenshots;
- Better audio rendering;
- Any CPC button affectation to a hard Palm button;
- Minors bugs fixes.

Version 2.1 on 04/19/2008
- Better audio rendering;
- Possible boot on PARADOS;
- 64Ko memory expansion available for 464 and 664;
- Better session restore;
- Night mode;
- Speed-up emulation;
- Minors bugs fixes.

Version 2.0 on 12/11/2007
- User interface upgrade;
- Add virtual keyboard for 320x320 resolution;
- SHIFT and CTRL management on virtual keyboards;
- Adjust display offsets;
- True 5-way navigation;
- Minors bugs fixes.

Version 1.7 on 08/10/2007
- Fullscreen mode;
- Sessions Save/Restore;
- Speed-up emulation;
- Manage Audio for Palm OS 5.2 (Palm T|E...) as well;
- Minors bugs fixes.

Version 1.6 on 05/09/2007
- Decathlon mode speed On Screen Display;
- Use CPC Screen as Rocker/Joystick;
- Affect CPC key to the Rocker center button;
- Affect hard button to the FIRE joystick button;
- Navigate among folders directly from disk images form;
- Palm T|E is not supported;
- Minors bugs fixes.

Version 1.5 on 02/17/2007
- Last session Save/Restore;
- Automatic last session saving option;
- Add of a Disk image files search;
- Native code has been optimized;
- Minors bugs fixes.

Version 1.4 on 01/01/2007
- Add virtual CPC keyboards on DIA;
- Add a Decathlon's mode (Left-Right Auto-toggle);
- Screen brightness customization;
- Native code has been optimized;
- Minors bugs fixes.

Version 1.3 on 11/11/2006
- Emulation speed computation fix;
- Emulation speed has been raised;
- Better behaviour with games (e.g. Sorcery, Zombi...);
- Minors bugs fixes.

Version 1.2 on 10/23/2006
- Music and sound is now played;
- Minors bugs fixes.

Version 1.1 on 09/17/2006
- Blank formatted disc creation;
- Emulation to genuine CPC speed (4 MHz);
- Emulation speed display;
- Better behaviour with Palm OS (DA...);
- Minors bugs fixes.

Version 1.0 on 08/20/2006
- Amstrad CPC 464, 664 et 6128;
- modes 0, 1 et 2 displays;
- Color or monochrome screen;
- All CPC keys are simulated;
- Read from and write to disc image files.


You have discovered a bug. Emulator does not work on your device.
My english is too bad (of course it is!!). Something wrong
Feel free to contact me !